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"This book will strengthen your ministry… 

Working together 'works' is the ideology of this book. We can all stand a lesson in unity...especially now, when so many businesses and ministries are challenged because of the economic climate ---- this book will strengthen your ministry!"  Dr. Teresa Hairston, Publisher/CEO of Gospel Today Magazine,

“Tap into the mind of marketing genius Pam Perry and read Synergy Energy for ultimate success …
In a global marketplace, it is more important than ever that we realize what it takes to brand and market our products or services. Tap into the mind of marketing genius Pam Perry and read Synergy Energy for ultimate success.” 
Pastor Rudy Rasmus, St. John's United Methodist Church in Houston & Author of TOUCH: Pressing Against the Wounds of a Broken World.

FROM: The “Synergy Energy Team”

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated with your sales and growth efforts as you try to reach more Christians with your products and/or services? Or do you feel like you’re doing OK but want to maximize your sales and growth potential and reach even more people with your important ministry or business offerings?

Well if that’s you then the groundbreaking new book, “Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry” is exactly what you’ve been missing.

You see, most people start their business or ministry because of their passion to get their message out and to help people by offering their products and/or services.  The problem is everybody’s bombarding your target market with their products and services, leaving your prospects suspicious and skeptical of what you can offer them!

Whether you’re trying to market your exciting new album, your insightful book, your life-changing ministry message, or your promising products you’re NEVER going to achieve the sales success you hope you will or think you should already have without learning how to think like a “marketer!”

Whether it’s on the internet or in your local community, the fastest growing organizations are the ones with the most effective marketing efforts, fueling the sales of the products, services, and/or ministry offerings of that organization or individual.

Are You Finally Ready to Help More People AND
Make More Money Doing It?

Well now you finally can with this must-read book!

We (the Synergy Energy Team) have worked with hundreds of authors, recording artists, speakers, pastors, business owners, internet entrepreneurs, and leaders to help them become more effective in their marketing, strategic partnerships, and growth efforts in the African American Christian market and in other markets as well.

Inside the pages of this book, you’ll learn specific nuggets of practical advice from industry experts on money-making marketing methods, creating buzz with FREE publicity, setting up win-win Joint Ventures that double your sales with NO money and NO risk, and more. Here’s just a handful of 'insider' secrets you’ll learn inside this must-read book…

Inside the pages of this book, you’ll learn specific nuggets of practical advice from industry experts on money-making marketing methods, creating buzz with FREE publicity, setting up win-win Joint Ventures that double your sales with NO money and NO risk, and more. Here’s just a handful of 'insider' secrets you’ll learn inside this must-read book…

* How to Make Profits with Joint Ventures! It’s the Ultimate Instant Sales and Positioning Strategy You’ve Been Missing - pg 15

* What You Need Before You Put Yourself “Out There”…Do You Have the Edge? Here’s How to Get It – pg 23

* Strategies for Setting Up Solid Joint Ventures and Partnerships – pg 29

* How to Become a Magnet for Lucrative Opportunities & Great Partners – pg 33

* What to Do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to Brand Your Book – pg 35

* Are You “Best Seller” Material? Ten Tips to Make “Best Seller” Status – pg 39

* 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Partner with Others to Reach Your Goals – pg 45

* Bloggers and Blogging Can Create Publicity for Your Book or Any Product or Service You Sell – pg 51

* How To Hire and Work with Your Publicist or PR Coach – pg 59

* How To Write a Press Release and Have It Do What It’s Supposed To Do, Generate Buzz – pg 64

* What Are Public Relations Retainers, PR Coaching, and Pay Per Placement Programs? Find Out Right Here… - pg 69

* Top 10 Tips For Free Publicity – pg 74

* How To Flood Your Business with Eager Clients in Any Economy – pg 79

* The Secret to Making Your Website Sell – pg 87

* Listing of Christian Writer’s Conferences – pg 93


“A must read for anyone serious about succeeding in business…

Pam Perry is a high-powered bundle of energy and information. When she speaks and writes people listen and read. Her marketing and public relations insights are not only very effective but empowering as well. Her spiritual based networking principles of sharing and partnering are right in line with what is needed in everything from small church ministries to large corporate entities…Thank you Pam for writing this gem of a book….a must read for anyone serious about succeeding in business.” George C. Fraser                                       

By now you’re thinking, “I’ve gotta have this book!” And I would have to say, “You’re right!” This book should become required reading for every aspiring author, and brings perspective to the various activities you need to do to successfully market and promote yourself, your business, and/or your ministry.

And remember, that’s just a handful of the bite-sized morsels of invaluable marketing wisdom you’re going to get. You’ll also gain biblical perspective on doing business in today’s technological and constantly evolving business world as a Christian.

You’re going to love the powerful lessons you’re going to learn about managing your time more effectively, setting up your home office, working with your marriage partner and more. This insights are coming from experts who have been there, made mistakes, and then got it right! And now you can too with this book.

And you couldn’t be learning from any better experts than the “Synergy Energy Team!”

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Who is the “Synergy Energy Team” and Authors of the Book, you ask?

The leading literary trade publication, Publishers Weekly called her a “PR Guru” and the Detroit Free Press described her as a “marketing whiz.” She was recently awarded “Power Networker of the Year” by George Fraser in Detroit and given a Woman of Excellence Award” from The Michigan Chronicle.

Known as the “connector,” Pam Perry knows how to pull the right people together for the right project at the right time. Her public relations and advertising career spans over two decades.

Perry was the founder of BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization for African Americans in the media. Over a ten-year period, the organization hosted career conferences, award programs honoring African American heroes in the industry and held regular professional development meetings.

She is also a past winner of the “One to Watch” Award from the American Women in Radio and TV – Detroit Chapter and jointly won an Emmy for her work as a producer for “The Edge with Jeffrey Miller” television show. Currently she does public relations for the publishing industry and is a PR Coach for self-published Christian authors.

Her work has also appeared in Gospel Today magazine, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, CBA Marketplace Magazine, Precious Times Magazine, and The Christian Communicator.

So Pam Perry co-authored this book with Anthony and Crystal Obey...

Anthony and Crystal Obey are happily married business partners. They own a Direct-Response Marketing & Copywriting business wherein they consult and write sales copy for small to mid-sized businesses to dramatically multiply the sales, profits, and effectiveness for their clients' online and offline businesses. (They use the same little known strategies of such marketing & business gurus as Dan S. Kennedy and Jay Abraham.)

The Obeys use their elite-level certified consulting knowledge to plan, develop, and implement little known and highly effective marketing campaigns and strategies for businesses online, in print ads, and in direct mail. They help organizations double and quadruple their sales and profits by implementing lead generation campaigns, uncovering hidden profit sources, and lowering costs.

The Obeys are the publishers and compilers of the celebrated "Refined by Fire" Christian/Inspirational Women’s book series (including the inspirational stories of 100 leading ladies across the nation) the authors of "Start Small Finish Big in Self-Publishing," and the publishers of over 100 books for authors around the world. They also use their highly specialized marketing and packaging strategies to create and sell information products including audios, videos, and print products for targeted niche markets.

Not only do we share some of our best kept Publicity, Direct Marketing, Joint Venture, and Positioning Strategies but this book includes invaluable contributions by other successful marketing experts, including a foreword by George Fraser, prominent business leader and author of “Click: 10 Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships.”   -

You don’t have to take our word for it that “Synergy Energy” is THE ‘Must-Read’ book of the year for people marketing to and in the African American Christian niche.

 Check Out What These Industry Leaders Had to Say…

“This book is jam -packed with great information that can make your dreams come true…
Synergy Energy, is a way that will help build wealth by showing people that creating a partnership mindset can change their lives and expand their world.  Networking and connecting with the right people is pivotal for success in business and life. These authors have jam - packed this book with great information that can ultimately make your dreams come true.”
Marilyn French Hubbard, PhD
"Sisters Are Cashing In: How Every Woman Can Make Her Financial Dreams Come True"
Founder of the National Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs, Inc. (NABWE), and Sr.VP & Chief Diversity Officer at Henry Ford Health Systems.

 “This book will help you lead with much greater power...

Synergy Energy! True to its name... a masterful work of Pam Perry, combining the talents of its authors and that of the various principles contained within its pages. If adhered to, this book and the principles contained therein, will help your ability to lead with much greater power than if any of the individual principles were used alone.”   

Glenn R. Plummer, CEO — Christian Television Network

"Anthony and Crystal are probably the best copywriters in the US, and they understand the very essence of Joint Ventures...

A lot of people have a lot to say about things they don’t know a lot about. They make a lot of money talking a lot about theories, and people pay good money to hear their motivating stories. But it all evaporates when they leave the seminar, because there’s no substance to the content. It’s hard to find authors or seminar leaders who actually care about their audience and readers, while having the ability to deliver real information that will make a radical change when applied.

Anthony and Crystal Obey walk their talk. They live what they teach. They are the living proof that you can change your financial life by creating wealth with no money, no risk, and little time, through the use of Joint Ventures. After doing Joint Ventures and teaching people around the world to do the same for 22 years, I have seldom seen such power, integrity, and ability in any two people. I have yet to see them not deliver on any promise, fail at any goal, or shrink from any challenge. They are probably the best copywriters in the US, and they understand the very essence of Joint Ventures. Talk is cheap, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well, Anthony and Crystal Obey make great Joint Venture pudding.

I unreservedly endorse and recommend the teachings and training of this powerful young couple. Whether you have a business or not, and regardless of your background, education, circumstances, or age, Anthony and Crystal’s new book, Synergy Energy, is the key to wealth, success, and happiness for you. Joint Ventures are the way to create financial freedom with no cost or risk, and very little time. This book is a valuable manual that is easy to understand, applicable to any situation, and to the point. No fluff – just real stuff, based on proven systems. If you only buy one book this year, this is the one you should be investing in; you’ll be glad you did.”
  Robin J. Elliott
President, Elliott Enterprises Inc., Trading as DOLLARMAKERS

..And these are just a few of the rave reviews this book has received!!!

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This is YOUR chance to get on track to a whole other level of success.

All the best,

“Synergy Energy Team”

P.S. Remember, for just $25 you can grab your copy of the must-read marketing book for those marketing in and to the African American Christian Market Information like this could cost you at least $100 but because we put it in book form so more people could recieve it, you get to enjoy this powerful information for just 25 bucks! That saves you at least $75 off the value of this information. Inside “Synergy Energy” you’ll discover lucrative publicity ideas, win-win joint venture strategies, profitable positioning methods, and money making marketing systems! Don’t pass it up.

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